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Q: Is this product “Trim Healthy Mama” friendly?

A: YES!! In 1/2 cup serving of our prepared ice cream there is approx. 1 NET CARB in the Vanilla flavour and 2 NET CARBS in the Chocolate!  Enjoy your ice cream and l0se weight at the same time!


Q: Can I use a lower fat content cream in the recipe?

A: Usually No.  You have to be able to whip the cream to get the desired volume.


Q: Why is there icy liquid on the bottom of the ice cream after I freeze it?

A: When whipped too long the cream begins to separate.  When using an electric hand mixer, whip for only 3 ½ minutes.


Q: Do I need an ice cream machine?

A: No! This is FAST & EASY!  Check out our INSTRUCTIONS PAGE.



A: You can now buy 35% Lactose Free Whipping Cream!  I have now seen at least two different brands in the grocery store.


Q: How long does it take to freeze?

A: It depends on the temperature of your freezer, and how hard you like it.  Normally it takes two to four hours or more, if you like it quite firm.


Q: How long do I have to leave it in the freezer before I can eat it?

A: It is delicious and you can eat it before it reaches the freezer.  It tastes like mousse.


Q: How long is it good for in the freezer?

A: We have tested it by keeping it as long as eight months in the freezer and it still tasted great!


Q: Can I substitute Cool Whip, Nutri-Whip, or Dream Whip for the 35% whipping cream in the recipe?

A: No, because they all contain sugar and would make the ice cream too sweet!


Q: Can I use just one half the package of powder mix at a time?

A: Yes you can.  Just cut the amount of water and cream in half as well.


Q: Are there any preservatives in the powder mix?

A: No there isn’t.


Q: How many calories are in the ice cream?

A: It depends on what brand of 35% whipping cream you use.  Generally it works out to approximately 250 calories per ½ cup of gourmet ice cream.


Q: Is this product nut free?

A: Yes it is nut free.


Q: Can I use this product if I’m gluten intolerant?

A: Yes there is no gluten in the powder mix.


Q: Can I use my blender to make the ice cream if I don’t have a hand mixer?

A: Yes, I have used a blender but you may not get the volume you want.  The end results tend to be thicker or more condensed – but still delicious!


Q: Can I take this on a camping trip?

A: Yes you can, but if you like it frozen then you need some way of freezing it.


Q: Can I add extra liquid flavouring to the powder mix when I’m whipping it?

A: If you want to add any liquid (ie:  Maple Syrup, Coffee, Liquid flavouring, etc.) then just substitute it for some of the water the powder mix calls for.


Q: Do I have to store the powder mix in the refrigerator or freezer?

A: No, just on a shelf or drawer will do.


Q: What is the shelf life of the powder?  How long will it keep?

A: At least two to three years.


Q: How much powder mix do I use at a time?

A: Use one whole 5 ounce package to make approximately five cups of gourmet ice cream.


Q: Do you have any sugar-free products?

A: Yes, it is made with Xylitol.


Q: Why didn’t the mix whip up into peaks like it’s supposed to?

A: If the whipping cream is too old then it won’t whip properly.  Take your carton back to the store and they should replace it for you.  I have had brand new whipping cream not whip and it was the manufacturer’s fault.


Q: Is the ice cream still edible if it didn’t whip up like it’s supposed to?

A: Yes, you just won’t have as much volume, but it is still very edible.


Q: Do I need to put the mixer blades or bowl in the freezer ahead of time to make the mixture whip better?

A: You don’t have to, but it does make the cream whip up better.


Q: Can my friends who live overseas use this powder mix?

A: Yes, anyone who has access to a cow and it’s cream can make great Mousse.  If they can freeze it – they will have great Gourmet Ice Cream!


Q: Can I use this powder mix as a gift?

A: Yes!  It is a unique gourmet gift at a reasonable price.  Great for giving a co-worker on any occasion, or slipping it into a gift basket.  Using it as a Christmas Stocking stuffer is also a popular choice.


Q: Do you have any recipes for making different flavours of ice cream?

A: Yes, we are working on different concoctions all the time.  Check out our RECIPE PAGE, or even better, send us some of your creative ideas!


Q: Can I make this ice cream with my grandchildren?

A: Yes! It is so simple to make and the children love to help – Especially stirring in their favourite addition (chocolate chips, smarties, Oreo cookie crumbs, mini marshmallows, etc.) just before they put it in the freezer!


Q: Can I make an ice cream cake?

A: You can make any shape you want!  You might want to check out our RECIPE PAGE for great ideas, or e-mail us some fun alternative ideas of your own!